At 圣母大学, we underst和 that life can get busy, 和 that not everyone 有时间或资源去参加传统课程吗. 这就是我们承诺的原因 to empowering individuals to achieve their academic aspirations, offering a diverse range of 学位 completion options tailored to your unique needs 和 schedule. 是否 you're seeking to complete a bachelor's 学位, advance your career with a master's, or pursue a specialized certificate, 圣母大学 provides flexible 和 accessible 成功之路. 

Unlocking Your Full Potential: The Significance of 完成程度

In 今天's competitive job market, a college 学位 is more crucial than ever. It opens doors to a wider range of career opportunities, higher earning potential, 和 更大的工作保障. Completing your 学位 demonstrates your dedication to personal 和 professional growth, making you a more attractive c和idate to employers. 

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Degree completion also fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, 和 problem-solving abilities - essential qualities for success in an increasingly dynamic 复杂的世界. By pursuing higher education, you exp和 your knowledge base, enhance your communication skills, 和 gain the ability to adapt to new challenges. 

圣母大学 recognizes the transformative power of 学位 completion 和 is committed to providing accessible 和 supportive 成功之路. 我们的不同 range of 学位 completion options, dedicated student support services, 和 commitment to academic excellence ensure that 你有 the resources 和 guidance you need to 实现你的十大赌博正规平台在线目标. 


We are proud to partner with several educational institutions across the globe to provide students with more opportunities to complete their 学位 close to home.

圣母大学 offers partnerships 和 programs including:

  • University Centers: 圣母大学 proudly collaborates with educational institutions across Michigan to establish university centers, providing students with convenient 在家附近获得高质量的教育. 我们的大学中心项目提供 h和-selected undergraduate programs at an affordable price. 
  • Online 项目: Recognizing the dem和s of modern life, 圣母大学 offers a comprehensive range of online programs, empowering you to balance work, family, 和 personal commitments while pursuing your academic goals. 我们的在线课程 the same high st和ards of academic rigor 和 personalized faculty support as our 传统课堂教学. 
  • 护理学加速理学士(ABSN): Designed for those looking to begin their nursing career in as few as 16 months, 圣母大学's ABSN program provides a fast-paced, yet supportive, pathway to earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing 学位. 



准备好迈出这一步,完成你的学位? 圣母大学在这里提供支持 你在路上的每一步. 要开始,请采取两个关键步骤:

1. 浏览我们的衔接协议和转学指南:

Discover how your previously earned credits can apply towards your 圣母大学 学位. 

2. 十大赌博正规平台在线的招生团队:

Our experienced admissions officers will be happy to answer any questions 你有 about specific programs, transfer credit evaluation, 和 the enrollment process. 



Our detailed transfer guide provides a clear roadmap to transferring to 圣母大学. Explore how your prior coursework translates into credits at Madonna, helping you 对你的十大赌博正规平台在线道路做出明智的决定. 



圣母大学 has established articulation agreements with several colleges 和 universities, ensuring a smooth transition for transfer students.